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Why Are They Called Florida Rooms?

When referring to a pool area that is a screened enclosure, people often use the term “Florida room.”  What is a Florida room and how did it get its name?  The concept has been around for a long time.  People often have sunrooms built on to their homes, but these usually consist of windows and fabricated walls. Often they’re made of a material like aluminum or vinyl.  Some people will refer to such rooms as Florida rooms; others reserve this term for a screened-in outdoor space.

There isn’t a lot of information on the exact origination of the term “Florida room.”  But, it seems the term came from the fact that such additions onto homes, whether walled or screened, are very popular here in our state.  Additionally, we have those pesky alligators that like to take an occasional dip in a nice, inviting pool.  The screened version of a Florida room is one way that Floridians have come up with to help keep their pools alligator-free.

Local Wildlife

Another benefit of a screen enclosure is that it keeps out other uninvited visitors such as turtles, snakes, and frogs.  One Indialantic resident was recently laid out on a chaise lounge by the pool in his screened Florida room.  He started getting wet, but it wasn’t raining.  He looked up to discover a squirrel was “going potty” on him!  Screens can only do so much!  But, they can keep the squirrel on the outside of the screen, so he isn’t making a bigger mess within your pool patio area.  Others were a little more amused by this incident than the “victim!”

You might think that you wouldn’t mind having some local creatures visit your pool area, and maybe you genuinely wouldn’t mind.  However, they are wild animals.  Many of them can be dangerous.  Some can simply be a nuisance and make a mess.  For instance, without a screened enclosure, your pool area may be subject to ducks dropping in for a swim and pooping in your pool.  You may have frogs that come in at night and lay eggs in your pool.  You may think that seems far-fetched, but both have happened to plenty of people!  They were definitely wishing they had a “Florida room” afterward!

Screen Enclosures

If you are interested in expanding your outdoor living space by adding a screened enclosure, whether large or small, then please call us at Tripod Aluminum.  We have been in business in Melbourne, FL for over twenty years, serving Brevard County and surrounding areas such as Merritt Island, Viera, and Vero Beach.  If you are ready to protect your pool from the mess that our wildlife friends like to make and protect yourself from pests like mosquitoes, then it is definitely time that you gave us a call.  You don’t have to have a pool.  We can add a screen enclosure to your balcony or patio area, as well.  Give us a call today!  We look forward to meeting you!

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Hired Tripod Aluminum for screening our front porch and installing double doors. Despite material delays, the installation was flawless, thanks to their efficient, meticulous team. Very happy with their work.
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