Wind and Pool Enclosures

Just over a month ago, a freak hailstorm hit Brevard County and caused a lot of damage, especially to homes and businesses on the Space Coast.   Along with this weather system came high winds. These high winds can often cause a great deal of damage.  Neighborhoods in Indialantic lost power on March 27, not from the hail, but because the wind knocked a branch of a tree onto a transformer.  The area was without power for approximately six hours.  High winds in our area tend to cause a lot of tree debris to fly around and make a huge mess.  You could probably have gathered enough dead palm fronds off the ground to start a dead palm tree forest!  It would be weird and nobody would like it, but you could do it.  The point is there was a LOT of debris after these high winds pass through the area.


If you have a pool enclosure, also known as a Florida room, then you may have sustained damage during the windy days of early spring.  Because spring isn’t over, there may be more windy days ahead of us too.  If your pool enclosure was impaled by a flying palm frond, a branch, or other debris, don’t despair.  The screens can be repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of the damage.  You don’t have to live with a giant hole in your pool enclosure, nor do you have to get an entirely new screen enclosure!


Over time, the screens on the pool and porch enclosures will develop small tears or large ones, depending on the cause of the tear.  They also get brittle from the sun and will need to be replaced after years of sun exposure.  These screen repairs and replacements are not overly costly and keep your patio enclosure fresh and able to do its job properly.  After all, leaving a big hole in one of the screens is not going to help keep out the insects and debris.  But, fixing the hole will keep your pool area nice and clean and bug-free!


If you have sustained any kind of damage to your screened-in enclosure, then please give us a call at Tripod Aluminum.  We are a fence company that specializes in pool screen repair, screened rooms, aluminum fencing, and pool safety gates.  We use high-quality materials to help ensure a long life for your pool enclosure.  We can build you a pool enclosure if you don’t have one or repair one that has sustained damage.  We are located in Melbourne and serve the surrounding areas like Cocoa, Palm Bay, and Viera.  Please give us a call today!

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