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Benefits of Patio Enclosures and Screened In Porches

Sitting outside, sipping sweet tea, visiting with friends, and NOT getting bitten by mosquitoes – every Floridian’s dream!  The great thing is that this dream is actually attainable!  We are going to discuss the 5 benefits of patio enclosures and screened in porches.  If you have been considering a screened-in space, then keep reading to learn the benefits of screening in either your back patio, your front porch, or both!

There are 5 benefits to having patio enclosures and screened in porches: 1) enjoying outside without pests, 2) safety for your pets, 3) adds to your living space, 4) sun protection, and 5) protection for outdoor furniture.  These benefits make it difficult to come up with a reason NOT to have a patio enclosure or screened in porch installed.

Patio enclosures and screened in porches are of great value here in Florida.  Because of our year-round beautiful weather, we are able to enjoy outdoor spaces throughout the year.  Patio enclosures and screened in porches make that time spent outdoors even more enjoyable.  Let’s take a look at 5 of the benefits these outdoor spaces provide.

#1  Enjoy Time Spent Outside Without Pests

No matter how much you want to spend an evening outside, getting eaten up by mosquitoes can make that time miserable.  Maybe you no longer even try to spend time on your porch or patio in the evening.  What a shame!  Porches and patios are where friendships grow and laughter abounds.  It’s where neighborhood children grow into high school sweethearts.  It’s where you get to watch your grandchildren run around the yard.  Don’t give that up!  Having your porch and/or patio screened in can restore your outdoor leisure time without mosquitoes, bees, and other pests!

#2  Safety for Your Pets

If you have a fluffy friend – cat, dog, or bunny, or even a non-fluffy friend like a bird, then your pet can benefit from a patio enclosure or screened in porch.  Maybe you would love for your pet to spend more time outdoors, but you are worried about their safety.  Maybe they are born wanderers. Maybe they are elderly and don’t see or hear like they used to.  Or maybe you are worried about natural predators.  A screened-in area can give your pet a safe place to hang out even without your supervision.

#3  Adds to Your Living Space

Perhaps you feel a little cramped when you have a large gathering.  Patio enclosures are a great way to help solve this problem.  They are MUCH less expensive than adding on to your house too!  Because of the screens, you can open up your sliding door (or French doors, etc.) and automatically expand your living space.  As guests filter out to enjoy the fresh air, your home will feel less cramped.  You can make the area more enticing with comfortable patio furniture.  Some people even put T.V.s on their patios to have the big game on while they hang out!

#4  Sun Protection

The roof over your porch or patio already provides a degree of sun protection, but our screening will add to that by providing UV protection.  With an extremely high UV index in Florida, skin cancer is a very real concern.  Any way that you can help prevent sun damage to your skin is great.  Our screens can’t prevent sun damage completely, so always wear sunscreen when outdoors.  

#5  Protection for Your Outdoor Furniture

Just as our screens help protect you from the sun’s UV rays, they also help protect your outdoor furniture.  Your furniture should not fade as fast as it would without the screen enclosure.  The enclosures can also help protect from weather.  While rain can still get in, debris won’t.  Your outdoor furniture won’t be covered in leaves after the next windy day!

Who Should You Call for Patio Enclosures and Screened In Porches?

If you live in Melbourne, Viera, Palm Bay, Merritt Island, Cocoa, or the surrounding beach towns, then give us a call at Tripod Aluminum!  We are located right here in Melbourne.  We have an on-site showroom so that you can see our products for yourself prior to installation.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right products for your enclosure needs.  With all of the above benefits, what is holding you back?  Give us a call or stop by our showroom today!

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Very happy with Tripod Aluminum's screen enclosure work. Despite Port Saint Lucie's extra permit needs for our 1984 home, they quickly resumed and finished the project to our great satisfaction.
Charise Renee
Screen Enclosure in Port Saint Lucie
Chose Tripod for our patio and screen enclosure, finding their price and quality unbeatable. Impressed by their professionalism and the custom features added, like reinforced concrete and an outdoor shower.
Stuart Sheinman
Patio & Screen Enclosure
Hired Tripod Aluminum for screening our front porch and installing double doors. Despite material delays, the installation was flawless, thanks to their efficient, meticulous team. Very happy with their work.
Kathy Wright
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