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Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby proofing your home is important to create a safe environment for your child. Soon your baby will learn how to crawl, pull herself up and become more independent. She will be hitting the next milestone before you know it and everything will be curious to her eyes. This is a wonderful time in your child’s life because they will be learning through their sense of touch and will want to explore the home, but on the other hand you want to make sure she can roam safely without you having to worry about her getting hurt every minute. Babies typically learn how to start crawling around 6 to 10 months old. It’s better to baby proof your home before they are already crawling everywhere and getting into everything. This will help eliminate some of the panic.

Here are some helpful approaches to baby proof your home:

Living room

Your living space is probably the room in the house that has the most injuries waiting to happen. Check your television and mount it to the wall or place bulky ones on your entertainment center to prevent any injuries. If you have a bookcase you should also anchor it to the wall just to be safe. Stack your heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. This prevents your child from getting hurt from a heavy book falling on top of them. With any sharp corners on tables you can cover these with a soft corner guard to prevent any stitches. Invest in child safety cabinet locks and move any sharp or heavy objects completely out of reach. Remember to use safety plugs on all electrical outlets and move any cords out of sight to prevent your child from getting hurt.

Baby Guard

Living in Florida means many homes have a pool, and even if you don’t have one you will inevitably visit someone’s home with a pool. The best way to protect a child from drowning in a pool is to have a baby guard installed around your pool to eliminate your worries altogether. This baby guard keeps your children at a safe distance away from the pool when they are playing outside. Even if you don’t have a baby it’s always smart to install some type of pool enclosure to keep neighborhood children safe. Baby guards are also helpful is you need to block your child off from entering your dining room where you may keep breakable antique glasses, or it can be used to block off the stairs.

You can get one installed today with Tripod Aluminum where we provide the most innovative and reliable baby guards. Let us help you create a safer environment for your little ones with a baby guard for pool enclosures in Viera, Florida as well as Melbourne, Palm Bay and Port St. Lucie.

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