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Baby Guard Pool Fences and Aluminum Pool Fences

Yes, it’s that time of year again – time to talk about proper fencing around your pool.  Maybe you just got a pool installed or maybe you have an existing pool but just had a baby.  Either way, this blog is for you!

Florida Laws for Residential Pools

The 2021 Florida Statutes state that a residential swimming pool must have a barrier that is at least four feet high.  These barriers are required to be constructed in such a way that a small child cannot obtain access through a gap or opening or by squeezing under or climbing over the barrier.

These laws were put into place primarily to prevent drowning accidents.  With a record number of children drowning in Florida in 2021, these laws are important and necessary.  They also address above-ground pools.  Clearly, a child cannot fall into a pool that is taller than they are; however, they can climb the ladder and fall into the pool.  You must be able to prevent access to the ladder, such as removing it and storing it in a locked area.

Baby Guard Fences

Baby Guard fences are known as one of the most trusted fences in pool safety.  They can be customized to fit any size pool and are available in 4 or 5 feet heights.  They can be installed on virtually any surface surrounding your pool.  They are made with premium clear view mesh so that you still have a clear view of your pool at all times.

These fences are also useful for keeping family pets out of the pool.  If you have a water-loving dog, then you know what we are talking about!  It also helps to prevent accidental falls into the pool by those who are less steady on their feet, such as elderly loved ones or those with physical challenges.

Aluminum Fences

Maybe your children are older and you simply need a safety barrier to comply with current laws.  A beautiful aluminum fence may be just what you need.  They provide a barrier while also providing an aesthetically pleasing fence to your yard.  Aluminum doesn’t rust which is a key factor with Florida’s humid weather.  It is durable and looks great.  If you are unfamiliar with aluminum fences (look like wrought iron without rusting!), then you should stop by our on-site showroom in Melbourne, FL to check out the variety of styles that we have to offer!

Pool Safety

The majority of Florida pool homes were built before the Florida pool safety statutes went into effect; therefore, many pool homes in Florida do not have these protective barriers.  If you own one of these homes, then we highly recommend contacting us to install a Baby Guard and/or aluminum fence.

There are additional safety measures you may wish to take, as well.  There are alarms that can be placed on both your door to the pool as well as on the pool itself.  The door alarm will alert you if someone has opened the door leading to the pool.  The pool alarm will alert you if the surface of the pool has been disturbed.  Another excellent safety feature is a pool safety cover which prevents entrance into the pool.  These are NOT the old blue floating covers that look like giant pieces of bubble wrap.  Those keep the pool warm.  They are NOT safety covers and do not prevent drowning.

Above all else, nothing prevents drowning like excellent adult supervision which means NEVER taking your eyes off a child.  You may think you are glancing at your phone for a moment, but we all know how time can slip away as we watch a video, check a notification, answer a text, etc.  In that amount of time, a child’s life can be lost.  Keep your eyes on the kids at all times!

Now Is the Time!

As the weather warms, the pool will look more inviting than ever to children.  But, remember, that pools look inviting to children year-round.  Be vigilant!  Before summer hits, give us a call to schedule your appointment.  Whether you need a Baby Guard fence or a new, beautiful aluminum fence, Tripod Aluminum is here for you!  We also install gorgeous pool enclosures.  Stop by our showroom or give us a call today.  We look forward to enhancing the beauty of your backyard and, more importantly, making it the safe place you want it to be for your family!

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