Screened in Porch Safety

Screen enclosures are not designed to stop accidents or injuries from happening. Imagine leaning your body weight into the screen. Do you think it would hold you up? Probably not, because the screen is not meant to hold up much weight. On top of this, long term sun exposure can cause the screen to slowly degrade over time and weaken. Children and pets are curious and anything that peaks their interest in the slightest will be explored, which is why you should be cautious and aware of what your kids or pets are up to.

Every year more than 18,000 Americans die from injuries that happen in their own homes. This is a startling statistic to find out, but many accidents are caused at home. The most common accidents that happen are falling, poisoning, suffocation, drowning, burns, and improper storage of firearms.

Here are some safety tips to prevent injuries from happening around porches:


Falling is the number one leading cause of injury or deaths in seniors each year. While seniors are most at risks of sustaining a fall, everyone can get injured this way. If you have a balcony or porch you can make sure the railings are no more than 4 inches apart to ensure your child’s safety. This will help prevent a child from falling through the space in between the railings or accidentally getting stuck. Teach older children porch safety so they can be aware of the necessary ways to avoid accidents from happening altogether. Young children should always be supervised near a screened in porch enclosure.


If your porch has steps leading up to your entryway, block off all stairways or stairwells and install hand railings for cautionary measures. Remember not to rely solely on your screened enclosure to prevent any injuries from happening or from keeping a child inside of the house.

Check twice

Check your home for any missing, broken, or worn boards and cuts in in your screen on your balcony. One wrong step when a child is running around could cause a serious injury if your balcony isn’t in good condition.


Search around the premises to make sure you didn’t leave anything on your porch that could be toxic such as certain plants, pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. If something toxic was ingested call poison control immediately.

At Tripod Aluminum we will be happy to help design a secure porch enclosure to meet all of your needs.  We design excellent porch enclosures in Melbourne, Vero, and Port St. Lucie, Florida. Come see us today and ask about our extended warranties.

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