A Screened Room for Your Garden

At Tripod Aluminum we are known for our quality screened rooms, pool enclosures, pool safety fences, pool screen repair, and beautiful aluminum fencing.  We want to bring to your attention a great way to utilize a screened room that you may not have thought of prior to this.  You can have a screened garden!

Florida has more than its fair share of bugs, creepy crawlies, and critters.  All of these are part of what makes this a beautiful state – our incredible wildlife.  But, if you enjoy gardening of any variety, then you know that some of these creatures are the sworn enemy of your healthy plants!

Insects love feasting on fresh, organic, homegrown garden plants.  You can’t blame them, after all.  They have good taste!  This can be extremely frustrating for you, the gardener, however.  You may have already gotten creative by putting planter boxes on your fence.  This does keep ground-dwelling insects off your plants, but not all plant eaters are ground dwelling.  Birds, for instance, love to eat fresh, yummy berries, so elevating your strawberry plants will not keep the birds from feasting on your ripe strawberries before you do!  And, squirrels are notorious little thieves when it comes to your garden.  They are convinced it is their personal buffet to consume at will, and they take advantage of this frequently!

Another problem with ground level gardening occurs if you have a dog.  Dog urine is not good for plants.  While Spot may think he’s doing you a favor by “watering” your garden, he is, in fact, probably killing your plants. Elevating your planter boxes can help with this.

The best solution, however, for all these issues is to put your garden in a screened room.  A screened enclosure will keep out most pests.  What a joy to tend to your plants without having to fend off bugs or find your berries half-eaten!  Every gardener knows the frustration of picking a beautiful piece of fruit or a vegetable only to discover the other side has been eaten by one pest or another.  You can place your planter boxes inside a screened patio room or pool enclosure.  We can also make a screened room that you use purely for your gardening!  This can be edible gardening like fruits and vegetables or flower and plant gardening purely for beauty.  Whatever you choose to grow, it will be well protected within the screened area.

Remember the old nursery rhyme?  Mary, Mary, quite contrary (why was she so contrary?), how does your garden grow?  With silver bells, and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row.  Hmmm…maybe Mary had a screened room!  Even if she didn’t, you definitely can.  All you have to do is call us today at Tripod Aluminum to get your beautiful screened porch enclosure built.  We are located in Melbourne and proudly serve our surrounding areas such as Palm Bay, Merritt Island, Sebastian, and Vero Beach.  Call us today to begin your protected gardening adventure!

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