Should I Get My Screens Repaired?

If you have a patio enclosure or pool enclosure (Florida room) that is not brand new, then you may have noticed some little holes and tears in the screens.  This is inevitable.  Screens will not last forever.  The enclosure itself will last much longer than the screens.  Screens need upkeep which sometimes requires repairs.


How Do Screen Tears Happen?

Holes and tears in your screens can happen in a myriad of ways.  During hurricane season, we in the Melbourne, Florida area often experience high winds and torrential rain.  Even when we don’t get hit with a hurricane, we are sure to have some intense weather.  Screens can only take so much of these beatings year after year before you will see some damage to them.  It is often caused by debris flying through the air due to the high winds during such storms.  It may be a small twig that gets propelled into your screen, causing a small one-inch hole, or you may have had one of the neighbor’s palm fronds attack your screen causing a major tear.


Not all holes and tears come in such dramatic ways.  Our sun in Florida has such a high UV index that it takes its toll on EVERYTHING.  Our screen enclosures are no exception.  Over the years, the screens WILL become brittle.  There is no way to avoid this.  Once your screened-in porch gets brittle, you will find that the screens tear much easier.  When they get this way, it is best to replace them as they will just continue to need repairs.


Benefits of Screen Repairs

However, when your screens are not yet brittle and are in relatively good shape, then having repairs done is well worth it.  You don’t want any holes or tears to get bigger, so you should call to have your screens repaired when you notice them.  Also, holes and tears are going to allow pests to get into your enclosed area.  Keeping pests out is probably one of the main reasons you had an enclosure installed in the first place, so you definitely don’t want to provide an opening for them!


Screened Patio Enclosures in Merritt Island

Tripod Aluminum specializes in patio enclosures and pool enclosures.  We install them as well as perform screen repairs.  It does not matter if your enclosure was installed by another company.  We absolutely can do your screen repairs for you.  We want you to enjoy your outdoor living space without mosquitoes getting in to pester you!  If you have holes and/or tears in your screens, please give us a call today.  We will be happy to repair or replace them for you so that you can get back to enjoying your enclosure the way you want to…without mosquito bites!  If you don’t yet have a screen enclosure for your patio or pool area, then let us give you a free estimate.  Don’t miss out on spending time in your backyard because of mosquitoes and other pests.  If you live in Melbourne, Merritt Island, Cocoa, or on the beachside, let us expand your outdoor living space with our beautiful screen enclosures.  Give us a call today!