Is It Necessary to Repair A Screened Room or Pool Enclosure?

If you are the lucky owner of a screened room or pool enclosure, you may have wondered if it is ever necessary to have it rescreened. At Tripod Aluminum, we specialize in screened rooms, pool enclosures, and aluminum fencing, as well as screen repairs and rescreening. We want to help answer your questions regarding rescreening!

Repair or Rescreen?

The first question you must answer is whether your screen needs a repair or if the entire screen needs replacing. How can you tell? Does the screen have a few small holes or one large tear? Does it have multiple holes or tears? These are the questions that will help lead you to the correct answer. A couple of minor holes or tears can easily be repaired without replacing the entire screen. However, too many needed repairs or a larger repair will be better fixed by replacing the screen.

Can I Do It Myself? 

Hardware stores and home improvement stores will often sell screen repair kits or rolls of the screen that can completely replace a screen. It is possible to do these repairs yourself IF you have the right screen and IF you know how to do it! You want to ensure the screen matches or the replacement screen will be too obvious and not blend in with the original screen. Also, if you don’t know what you’re doing, please call a professional!  

An Indialantic family recently had family friends visiting. They brought their dogs along. While out to dinner, their friends’ large dog decided to tear the screen off the sliding screen door. They came home to discover half the screen hanging off the frame. Luckily, the owner’s dog knew how to replace the screen and was able to do it for them, but that is not usually the case. In most instances, you will want a professional to do these repairs.

How Often Must I Replace My Screens? 

There is no expiration date on your screens. A variety of factors will affect how long your screens last. If the screens receive direct sunlight the majority of the day, the material may become brittle and wear out more quickly compared to screens that never get sunlight.

If you have pets, your screens may get small holes and tears as animals are not mindful of keeping your screens looking nice! If Fido’s ball rolls up against the pool enclosure, he will be more concerned with retrieving it than with maintaining the integrity of your screen!

Screens need to be replaced when too damaged to repair or have gotten sun-worn and brittle. But, all screens should last several years.

Tripod Aluminum Can Do It For You

Tripod Aluminum, located in Melbourne, Florida, takes pride in our work. Our desire is for you and your family to enjoy your outdoor living space for many years to come. If you need a screen repair or replacement, please give us a call. Or, if you don’t have a screened room or pool enclosure and are interested in having one installed, we would love to do it for you! 


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