Get a Free Stainless Steel When You Purchase a Screen Enclosure!

Tripod Aluminum just keeps getting better!  Because we value your business, we want to make sure that you choose us, are pleased with the outcome, and recommend us to your friends!  As a little incentive and a “thank you” to you for being our customer and choosing us to build your porch enclosure, patio enclosure, and/or pool enclosure, we are rewarding you!  Tripod Aluminum is currently offering our customers free stainless steel with the purchase of a screen enclosure!


At Tripod Aluminum, we only use high-quality materials at Tripod Aluminum, so you never have to worry about poor construction.  Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, which is vital in humid Florida.  However, our stainless steel brings another level to the anti-corrosion properties.  Because the anti-corrosion property is part of the actual makeup of the stainless steel it will not lose its resistance to corrosiveness with time or wear.


We choose all of our materials with the humidity and rain in mind because they are a significant part of our weather here in Florida, particularly as close to the beach as we are here in Melbourne and our surrounding towns.  Due to our unique weather here, we choose materials that are less likely to rust or corrode.  We choose to use materials that not only meet industry standards but exceed them.  We don’t just want to blend in with other similar companies; we want to stand out in the crowd.


We have been in business in Brevard County for over twenty-five years.  No business can survive that long if they use substandard materials or if they use substandard construction.  We pride ourselves on being an in-house company, meaning we do not hire subcontractors.  When companies hire out part or all of a project to subcontractors, they don’t always know if those hired are performing up to the standards of the company.  Because we hire and train our employees, we know that they are being trained to do the enclosure construction properly, up to our standards.


Hopefully, our offer of free stainless steel with your purchase is the little push you needed to know that Tripod Aluminum is the right choice of company for you!  We have an onsite showroom in Melbourne, FL where you are free to drop in, check out our products, and ask questions out sales staff questions!  We serve our surrounding areas such as Merritt Island, Melbourne Beach, and Vero Beach, so please give our fence company a call today!  Let us build you the outdoor space you have been waiting for and will thoroughly enjoy using!

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