Are Screen Repairs Important?

For those of you with screened rooms or pool enclosures, you may have wondered if screen repairs are important.  We can tell you that they definitely are!  You may have a small patio or balcony screened in or you may have a large pool enclosure.  No matter the size of your screened enclosure, the point is that it is screened.  If you wanted an area that was open to the elements, you wouldn’t have bothered having it screened.


Screen Tears Let in Bugs

A small tear in your pool screen leads to small intruders like mosquitos and lizards.  There are a couple of problems with this.  A few small tears can result in a lot of small intruders.  A lot of small intruders can make those small tears grow in size until they become large tears.  Large tears allow large intruders.  You can see the problem.


Your screened room is no longer serving its purpose if bugs and yard debris are getting inside of it.  You didn’t spend your hard-earned money to have your porch screened in only to have it basically become a non-screened area again.  That is why it is important to inspect your screens at least a couple of times a year.


How do Tears Happen?

Tears can happen in a variety of ways.  Sometimes a storm will cause large, heavy debris to fly through the air.  This can definitely cause damage to screens, either ripping them or causing them to detach.  The sun will eventually take its toll on your screens.  They will become brittle and tear more easily as the years progress.  Kids and pets can be hard on screens too, especially if they don’t notice them and run into and through them!


If you have experienced any of these issues and are in need of pool screen repairs, then please call us at Tripod Aluminum.  It doesn’t matter if we installed your original screened patio enclosure or not, we can still do screen repairs for you.  If you are not happy with your screened enclosure, then let us take a look at it.  Perhaps it is time for a new one.  We use the highest quality aluminum materials that do not rust, so we know you will be pleased with the finished product and how long it lasts.


Tripod Aluminum has been in business for over twenty years, providing quality workmanship throughout the Central Florida coastline from Melbourne and Palm Bay to Viera, Melbourne Beach, Sebastian, and Vero Beach.  We wouldn’t have stayed in business this long with an inferior product or poor workmanship.  That is why we know that you will be satisfied with any repairs we do, as well as any enclosure construction.  Give us a call today and let us repair your screens so that your screened room does its job keeping out unwanted pests and keeping you happy and free of mosquito bites!

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