Redecorating Your Porch 101

Over the summer in Florida, there will be wonderful sunny days and along with those sunny moments, there will typically be a mixture of afternoon thunderstorms. This may leave you sitting around the house with some spare time on your hands. During the rainy days, you can start a project to take up your time. It’s always a good idea to work on one household project a year to keep your home up-to-date with the world around you.

Here are some creative ways to help spruce up your porch:

Liven it up

Decorating your porch can be a fun way to pass the time by adding your creative expression into the mix. Choose some bold colors for the summertime and change the decorations during each passing season. A new coat of paint will brighten up your porch. You can paint the chairs, the door, the door frame or the walls to liven up the space.

Psychology shows that color has a powerful effect on our minds and bodies. Different colors mean different things for different cultures. Some colors can bring a sense of warmth while others can bring a feeling of indifference. So, choose a color that fits what you want to convey.

Reorganize and accessorize

Add a wreath to your front door and coordinate it to match the colors of different seasons. A welcome mat adds a kind message to guests before they enter into your home. Change out light fixtures and replace any old fixtures such as the doorknob or doorbell.

Look into decorating your home according to Feng Shui principles that will bring balance into the living space in your home. You can place certain furniture items in specific areas to encourage a natural flow of energy to come in and out of your home.


Hang green plants and wonderful smelling flowers in planters. This gives you more space to work with since they will be hanging from the ceiling. Plants are pleasing to look at and they are also good for your health. Interior plants reduce the levels of carbon dioxide while cleansing the air of harmful pollutants.

Redecorate your porch enclosures in Port Saint Lucie, Florida with the help of Tripod Aluminum. Redecorating your porch can bring numerous benefits to your overall health. Choosing vibrant colors will affect your mind and body, Feng Shui will ensure a stable flow of energy into your home and interior plants will cleanse the air. Let us help you with all of your screened enclosure installations.

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