Upgrade Your Backyard with a Salt Water Pool

With summer around the corner, it’s the perfect time to design the pool of your dreams and upgrade your backyard at the same time. Pool renovations are a luxury for you and your family to enjoy while also adding to the original investment of your home. On those lazy days when you don’t feel like packing everything up to head to the beach, a salt water pool is the perfect compromise to bring the beach to you!

Here are some benefits to owning a salt water pool.

Use less chlorine

Chlorine can enter the body through the absorption of the skin, eyes, nose and ears. Its primary use is to disinfect our drinking water from E.coli and Giardia. Too much exposure to chlorine is carcinogenic and can damage our cells. When you swim in a pool with a chlorine-based sanitation system, you are soaking in the toxic chemical through your skin every time you dip your body in the water.

Salt water pools do use chlorine, just not as much as a regular pool system. Salt water pools reduce microorganisms to safer levels in a less harmful way compared to using chlorine as the primary disinfectant. The salt water oxidizes body oils, perspiration, urine and sunscreen as the salt dissolves in the pool water and helps neutralize the contaminants in the pool water.

Health benefits of salt water

Bathing in salt water during a hot summer day brings healing effects according the Greek physician Hippocrates. Salty sea water is high in minerals and can soothe your skin, improve blood flow and increase your immune system.

With a boosted immune system from taking a dip in your salt water pool, your whole body is sure to start feeling great. Your skin will start glowing from bathing in the salt and sunlight. If you have eczema or psoriasis the salt water can help alleviate your skin disorders.

Less stress

Coming home after a long day at work and unwinding in the pool can help relieve stress regardless if you decide to take it easy and float on your back or take some vigorous laps in the pool to let off some steam. Salt water also helps relieve any aches and pains in the body.

At Tripod Aluminum we provide excellent service on all pool screen repairs and installations in Port St. Lucie, Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida. This way you can enjoy the luxury your pool offers while keeping the mosquitos and leaves out.

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