Solutions to Pool Problems

Pools are great to have here in Florida.  Our weather allows for many months of pool use making them well worth the investment.  If you have kids, a pool offers hours of enjoyment and entertainment instead of hearing, “I’m bored” five minutes into summer vacation.  Another great thing about having a pool is that your kids’ friends will often come to your house because of the pool.  This is great because you get to know who your kids are hanging out with, and if they are at your house, you don’t have to worry about where your kids are or with whom they are spending time!


Algae in the Water

But, as we all know, pools require care.  We wanted to address some common pool issues and their solutions.  One pool issue is algae.  Algae comes in different colors because there are different types of algae.  The three most common types of pool algae are green algae, mustard algae, and black algae with green algae being the most common and black algae being the most difficult to defeat.


Green algae is the most common, but it is also fairly easy to get rid of through brushing and chlorine.  It usually occurs because you don’t have enough chlorine in your pool.  Mustard algae is a type of green algae, but it is resistant to chlorine.  Getting rid of mustard algae is a bit more complicated.  It requires brushing, vacuuming, super chlorination, and algaecide.  But, the most difficult algae to get rid of is definitely black algae.  If it is on the bottom of the pool, a good algaecide made specifically for black algae can be effective.  If it is on the sides of the pool though, algaecide won’t work because it is a powder and will not stick to the walls.  You will need to brush it and rub over it with a chlorine tablet (while wearing gloves).  This still may not get rid of it, and you may want to call in a pool professional.


Black algae comes from the ocean.  Many of you just had a light bulb moment and said, “Oooohhh!”  Yes, when you came home from the beach and jumped into the pool, you may have introduced black algae into your pool.  ALWAYS rinse off and wash out swimsuits that have been in the ocean, particularly before wearing them in your pool.


Items Caught in Pool Filter

Another common problem is items getting caught in the filter.  If you or your kids leave any kinds of pool toys in the pool, this can happen.  This can cause your pool filter to run improperly or even burn out the motor.  Remove everything from the pool every time you are done swimming.  Having a big bin of some type is a good storage place for pool items, particularly if it has holes in the bottom (which you can drill yourself) to drain water from the toys.  Pinterest also has some cute storage ideas for pool items.


Yard Debris & Insects

Lastly, we want to address yard debris and bugs.  Insects often dip in for a drink of water, get their wings wet, and can’t escape the pool.  It’s no fun to swim with dead bugs.  Even if your yard doesn’t have trees, the wind is very helpful at depositing leaves from the neighbors’ trees into your pool!  A stew of bugs and leaves does not make for a clean, clear swimming pool!  The best way to prevent leaves and insects from getting into your pool is to call us at Tripod Aluminum!


We are your solution for keeping leaves and insects out of your pool.  By letting us build you a beautiful pool enclosure, you will no longer be battling leaves, bugs, or other debris.  Your pool will be sparkling and beautiful each time you use it if you also keep algae at bay and remember to take out your pool toys each time.  Tripod Aluminum is located in Melbourne, FL and serves all surrounding areas such as Merritt Island and Cocoa with our pool screen repair and screen enclosures.  Not only will your pool be sparkling, but you won’t have to swat away mosquitoes while watching the kids swim because you will be protected inside your new screened-in pool enclosure too!  Ready to start enjoying your pool area more?  Then, please give us a call today!

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