Pros and Cons of Installing a New Pool Enclosure

Living on the beautiful Space Coast, we are used to be surrounded by water. Many of us already have pools in our backyard, or we are considering adding a pool this winter. At Tripod Aluminum, we want to provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision as to whether a pool enclosure is ideal for you. However, we can’t think of any cons. Here are our pros:

Easier Maintenance

With a pool enclosure, cleaning your pool becomes a breeze. You won’t experience leaves falling into your pool, or alligators going for a quick swim. On a serious note, debris will be at a minimum with a pool enclosure. Did you also know that a pool enclosure also helps reduce the amount of algae growth? This reduces the amount of time it will take you to clean the pool and allow you more freedom to enjoy your pool time with the family.


A pool enclosure provides security not only from our local alligators, but from other bugs and pests. Brevard County is a haven for bugs of all types. Enjoy your pool time without the worry of mosquitos or no-see-ums. Your pool enclosure will also help reduce pool related accidents by keeping unexpected visitors out of your pool area.

Sunlight Protection

You can enjoy your pool without the increased worry of sunburn. At Tripod Aluminum, our enclosures filter the sun and its harmful UV rays. An added bonus is that it will also help keep your water cooler during the hottest days of summer. You can enjoy your pool year-round, even during rainy season.

Living Space

Your pool enclosure will be a natural extension of your living space. There will be more room for entertaining guests, as well as creating a relaxation haven for you and your family. Imagine opening the doors of your home in your new enclosure. No worry about bugs entering your home or staying for lunch served on your patio!

We have had the pleasure of serving Brevard County for over 20 years – from Rockledge, to Viera, to Melbourne, to Palm Bay. Let our skilled craftsmen help design and build your new pool enclosure. Contact us today for your custom quote!

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