Making The Right Metal Choice For Your Pool Enclosure

The quality of building materials for any structure matters!  Inexpensive materials are great, but cheap materials are not!  What do we mean?  If you can get a good price on quality building materials (inexpensive), that is great!  If you are buying inexpensive materials that are of poor quality (cheap), that is not great!  The quality of building materials used can affect the quality and durability of the structure.  During our research for this blog, we came across a lumber company article/blog that read, “Quality matters when building – just ask the three little pigs!”  They have an excellent point.  You may not be trying to keep a big bad wolf out of your pool area, but you very well might be trying to keep gators out!

Benefits of Aluminum For Pool Enclosures

We didn’t choose aluminum because we thought it would be a good name for our company!  We chose it because it is strong, durable, and rust-resistant.  These are important qualities in construction, especially in Florida.  As anyone in Florida knows, we have beautiful weather, but it is not kind to anything left outdoors.  Sun damage and rust are an everyday occurrence for patio furniture, basketball hoops, and bicycles here in Florida!  So, it’s important when constructing a pool enclosure that we use building materials that can resist the Florida sun’s damage.  You might be wondering why we refer to the sun that the whole planet shares as “the Florida sun.”  It’s simply that Florida has a higher UV Index than many states.  The greater the exposure to the sun’s UV rays, the greater the amount of sun damage that occurs – whether it is your bicycle or your skin!

At Tripod Aluminum, as our name suggests, we choose to construct your pool enclosure using aluminum.  This is not the same grade of aluminum used in your soda can that is so easily crushed.  Commercial aluminum (99.6% pure) is, in fact, quite strong and is even used in the construction of airplanes.  Aluminum can last well over eighty years.  It also can withstand extreme temperatures.  Additionally, aluminum is rust-resistant which is extremely important in Florida due to our high humidity and high amount of rain.  Aluminum is a premier choice for pool enclosures.

Benefits of Stainless Steel For Pool Enclosures

Tripod Aluminum offers stainless steel anchors when constructing our pool enclosures because, like aluminum, stainless steel is rust-resistant.  Not only does it help your pool enclosure parts to last longer, but it also looks better.  Rust is never a good decorating choice!  If you chose a different type of anchor for your pool enclosure, you may want to have them replaced with stainless steel anchors to help ensure the longevity of your pool enclosure as well as improve its appearance.

Screening Used by Tripod Aluminum

We offer several types of screening for your pool enclosure.  We understand that budget often plays a role in your choice of building materials.  We can explain the different screening types we offer.  A higher-quality screen will, of course, last longer.  However, rest assured, that if you must choose a lower-quality screening, you can always reach out to us to make repairs or re-screen as necessary!  We are here for all your pool enclosure needs, not just the initial construction!

What Else Does Tripod Aluminum Offer?

Along with pool enclosures, we offer beautiful aluminum fencing (looks like wrought iron but doesn’t rust!), patio/porch enclosures, and Baby Guard pool fences.  Additionally, if you are interested in a pool enclosure, you may want to consider a picture frame pool enclosure that has fewer seams and allows for more of a view from your pool area! For example, if you have a great view of the water and don’t want it disrupted, but you want a pool enclosure, then a picture frame pool enclosure is the perfect solution!

At Tripod Aluminum, we choose to use high-quality products to give you a high-quality outcome!  We believe you will be thrilled with your new pool enclosure and any other projects we do for you, such as fencing your pool or yard!  If you want a clean pool that requires less upkeep, fewer chemicals, and fewer uninvited critters, then it’s time to give us a call!  We look forward to giving you the backyard space you have been dreaming of!

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