How to Protect Your Patio/Pool Enclosure from a Hurricane

When a hurricane is approaching or even “just” a severe storm, there are steps you can take to help protect your patio enclosure or pool enclosure from damage.  Of course, there is nothing you can do to guarantee with absolute certainty that your Brevard County screen enclosure won’t sustain damage during severe weather.  But there are steps you can take to lessen the likelihood of damage.


Keep Foliage Trimmed | Pool Enclosures in Cocoa, FL

It is helpful to keep any trees or bushes surrounding the enclosure well-trimmed.  Cut down any broken or loose branches and twigs.  Those can easily become air-born objects during a storm.  If you have large trees like palm trees in your yard, you will definitely want to make sure they are well-maintained.  You don’t want any large branches or palm fronds having a greater chance of being propelled through your screens.


Move Potted Plants Indoors | Screened In Porch in Palm Bay, FL

If you have any potted plants inside your screen enclosure, you should move them indoors.  Not only can they get blown into your screens causing damage, but the high salt content in the air during hurricanes (especially if you are quite near the ocean) can damage many plants.  By bringing your potted plants inside, you are giving them a better chance of surviving the storm.

Secure Deck Furniture | Pool Screen Repair in Melbourne, FL

You will want to secure all lounge chairs and any other outdoor furniture, such as patio tables and chairs prior to a storm.  If you can put them in a garage or shed, then you should do so.  If you have to bring them inside, it may not be convenient, but it is better than leaving them outside to be blown into your screens causing damage.


Store Pool Toys | Aluminum Porch Enclosures in Brevard County

Remove all pool toys from the pool if you leave them floating freely.  They should be secured in a bin, a shed, or the garage.  These will not likely cause damage if they are inflatable, but it is possible since they may have sharp edges and anything flying at a high velocity can cause damage.  Also, if your screen does get torn away by the storm, those pool toys will blow away, never to be seen again, which will make for some unhappy little swimmers once the storm subsides!


Basically, make the interior of your screen enclosure as bare as possible prior to a storm and clear away the area surrounding the enclosure as best as possible, as well.  The less loose items in your yard, the more likely your screen enclosure will withstand the storm.


In the event that your patio enclosure or pool enclosure sustains damage, please give us a call right away at Tripod Aluminum!  We are located in Melbourne and serve Cocoa, Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Satellite Beach, and the neighboring towns.  We specialize in patio enclosures, pool enclosures, and screen repairs.  We have been in business for over twenty years.  We know that it is discouraging when screens get damaged, but we will have them repaired for you and looking like new so that you can get back to enjoying your outside space as quickly as possible.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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