Get Your Patio and Pool Enclosures Ready for Spring! 

Daylight Saving Time starts this month, so you know Spring is here!  While we are all familiar with doing Spring cleaning inside our homes, there are things that we can do outside to help get ready for the warm months approaching!


While patio areas get much more use year-round in Florida than in many other states, your patio enclosure may have still suffered some neglect during the winter months.  We had some cold, windy days here on Florida’s east coast and your patio enclosure may have paid the price.  What can you do to prep your patio enclosure for the upcoming warm weather?

#1 – Check for tears or holes in your enclosure

If you spot any tears or holes in the screening, then give us a call! We are experts at porch and pool screen repair.  You don’t want to ignore those tears and holes as they will likely only get worse.  They will also allow dirt, leaves, insects, and critters into your screened area.  You have screening for a reason!  Those things are uninvited!

#2 – Clean out your patio furniture

If your patio furniture is upholstered, it’s time to clean that upholstery, removing any dirt that has accumulated over the winter. If the cushion covers are removable, then we suggest running them through the wash.  If not, then a microfiber cloth dipped in warm, soapy water (Dawn works great) can help refresh dusty cushion covers.  You may want to vacuum them first to remove loose dirt and dust.  You don’t want to rub it in, making the cover muddy!  If your furniture does not have cushions or has cushions with non-removable covers, you may want to give them a spray with a hose.  This can also be effective in removing loose dust and dirt.

#3 – Give your patio area a “once-over”

Look for broken, discarded, or unused items. You know that ceramic pot that you were going to repaint a year ago?  It’s probably time to let it go.  If any of your patio furniture is broken or rusted (a common occurrence in Florida!), then it’s time to replace it!  What about decor?  It’s easy to overlook items that you see every day.  If your once-cute decor is faded and dingy, then it’s time to toss it.  There is no shortage of beach decor here.  You can easily replace it with something fresh and cute.


We realize that patio enclosures and pool enclosures are similar, but they do have their differences which is why we have additional suggestions for prepping your pool enclosure for the upcoming warm months!  In addition to checking your screening for holes and tears, cleaning any poolside furniture, and giving the pool area a “once-over,” here are our additional suggestions:

#1 – Go through the pool bin

you probably have a pool bin of some sort that holds various balls, floaties, and bottles of sunscreen. Inflate all the inflatables to check for leaks.  If any of your dolphins, flamingos, or beach balls won’t stay inflated, it’s time to say goodbye.  Check sunscreen bottles.  Sunscreen DOES expire.  If it has expired or changed color or consistency, throw it away.

#2 – Check your pool equipment

Although you have likely been keeping up your pool equipment through the winter to keep your pool sparkling, you should still do a thorough check to make sure everything is sealed properly and working well. If you aren’t sure what to check for, it would be worth it to call a pool company to do an equipment check.

#3 – Clear the pool area

Do a perimeter check to make sure that there are no trees or bushes that will cause problems with your pool. You will want to check for signs of root issues or overhanging branches.  The less debris in your pool, the easier it is to keep it clean.


Now that you have thoroughly inspected your patio and pool enclosures, if there are any pool screen repairs that need to be done, you can give us a call!  We are enclosure experts – from the smallest screen repairs to building you a large, beautiful pool enclosure, Tripod Aluminum has got you “covered” (pardon the pun!).  If you are located near Melbourne, Palm Bay, Merritt Island, or Cocoa, Tripod Aluminum is your local enclosure specialist.  We are ready to make your pool and patio areas look beautiful and ready for that next big gathering!  So, give us a call today to find out what Tripod Aluminum can do for you!

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