Enjoy the View with a Panoramic Pool Enclosure

With the beautiful weather in Florida, you can enjoy swimming in your pool year-round. If you have considered getting a screened enclosure for your pool area, now is a great time to have it done. Or, perhaps your screened enclosure is old, and you want to replace it. We want to tell you about the newest trend in pool enclosures that is sure to please – the panoramic pool enclosure!

Panoramic Pool Enclosure

If you have not yet seen one, then take a peek at this new, modern, and beautiful pool enclosure design. These beautiful panoramic pool screens eliminate the vertical aluminum that usually runs through the screen every few feet. This lack of interruption in the screening gives the effect of having a giant picture window in which your view is unobstructed. It is especially desirable if you have a beautiful view of a lake, intercoastal waterway, the ocean, or some wetlands. Even if the landscape only consists of your backyard, this helps give your pool enclosure a much more open feel so you won’t feel caged.  

Benefits of Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures are known for their benefits. But by still allowing you a wide-open view, these panoramic enclosures have become even more desirable.

You can enjoy the open feel of not having a pool enclosure with all the benefits of having one. No more leaves in the pool, fewer mosquito bites while lounging outside in the evening, and no unexpected visitors in your pool like frogs or snakes! 

Replacing Your Enclosure 

Perhaps you have been reading this and are feeling bummed that your pool enclosure is still in good condition and won’t need replacing for years. You can’t justify the expense of tearing down a perfectly good pool enclosure to replace it with the panoramic pool enclosure simply because you think you will like it better. We may have a solution for you! 

In some instances, we can convert an existing pool enclosure into a panoramic pool enclosure. We will need to look at your current screen before knowing if we can do it, but we would love the opportunity!

Love the Results with Tripod Aluminum 

With everyone at home more during the pandemic, some working from home, and some homeschooling, your outdoor space is more important than ever. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit out by your pool, laptop in front of you, and a beautiful unobstructed view every time you looked up for a break from your work? We think you will love the results!

Located in Melbourne, Florida, Tripod Aluminum serves all surrounding areas, including Merritt Island, Cocoa, Melbourne Beach, Sebastian, and Vero Beach. If you are interested in having a pool enclosure built, a panoramic pool enclosure built, or screen repairs to your current pool enclosure, we are the company for you! We offer free estimates and look forward to serving you!



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