Taking Care of Your Pool Area During Winter

Residents of Brevard County, Florida have finally started to notice a change in temperature. The blistering summer days have given way to cooler fall weather. Floridians know not to expect the leaves to start changing colors, and it is more likely for pigs to fly than for us to see a white Christmas, but the mild weather and year-round beach trips make the lack of scenic seasonal changes worthwhile. However, with the change of seasons comes different responsibilities when taking care of outdoor areas like your pool. To help you start the holiday season off right, we have gathered some information about good practices to adopt when caring for your pool area during fall and winter.

If you cover your pool during the months it’s too chilly to swim in, use an algaecide and chlorine to prevent algae from growing in the water. After you add algaecide and chlorine, run the pump for 24 hours so it circulates throughout the entire pool. This will make things much easier when you are ready to use your pool again.

If you do not cover your pool during winter months, continue maintaining it even if you aren’t using it. Make sure to empty the debris traps every few days to prevent buildup of leaves, which could cause your filtration system to become clogged. You should also regularly check your pool levels and keep the pool’s chemistry balanced, just like you do during the summer.

The cooler months provide a break from the Florida heat, so any outdoor maintenance or cleaning will be much more comfortable during this time. Take this time to pressure wash your porch, patio or driveway. Gardening and landscaping is much more pleasant during fall and winter months in Florida as well.

This is also a great time to have any outdoor remodeling done. Have you been meaning to have your porch or pool screened in? Perhaps you’ve been thinking of installing a fence around your yard. Why wait? At Tripod Aluminum, we specialize in pool, patio and porch enclosures, screened in rooms and fencing. With over 20 years of experience, we are the company Brevard County trusts. If you are in Melbourne, Palm Bay or Viera, call us today to schedule a consultation at (321) 729-9695.

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