Pool Safety with Pets

As the days pass, we make our way closer to scorching hot temperatures during the summertime in Florida. Going to a pet-friendly beach to cool off is one summertime option for you and you pets. However, it’s often more convenient to let your pet jump in the pool in the backyard when the temperatures reach an all-time high. If you have pets you may have some concerns and reservations about allowing your dog to immerse themselves in the chemical filled water. You may wonder if this is safe.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your pets safe from chlorinated pool water:


Chlorine is mixed into your pool water to breakdown harmful bacteria. When chlorine is diluted with water it shouldn’t be harmful for your pets. You and your pets should avoid swimming in standing water since it could be harboring damaging microorganisms.


When your dog is in the pool does he take in mouthfuls of water? Don’t let your dog drink the pool water because this can make him sick. Pay attention to your dog’s breathing afterwards. If too much pool water was ingested this could cause digestive problems, and swelling of the throat. This could cause your dog to get sick if his stomach is unable to handle the amount of chlorine ingested, resulting in abdominal pain.

If your dog has been playing in the pool all day make sure you keep an eye on him afterwards to see if his eyes are irritated from the pool water. Check his skin for rashes or bacterial spots if this is the first time your pet is exposed to chlorine because his skin could become irritated from the chemicals.


Just like children you should supervise your pets while they are in the pool to monitor their behavior. This will help you draw conclusions if there are any health problems that occur. Keep a bowl of fresh water outside for your pet to prevent them from drinking the pool water.

To help alleviate skin or eye irritation symptoms you can rinse your dog off with the hose after he gets out of the pool to rid the chlorine from his skin.

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