Keep Your Children Safe Around Your Pool

At Tripod Aluminum, we know how important your family’s safety is to you. It can be difficult if not downright impossible to keep an eye on your kids at all times; any parent will testify to this. That’s why we safeguard our homes by adding plastic coverings to power outlets, add cabinet and drawer locks, gate in areas we don’t want our kids to have access to…the list of baby-proofing methods goes on. When you have small children it’s common sense to baby-proof any area in your home that could be dangerous to your little one, but do you take the same safety precautions in your outdoor areas?

If you have small children or are planning on expanding your family and you have a pool, it is crucial to have a barrier around it. Children are prone to wander, and if they manage to get outside when you are pre-occupied, an unprotected pool can be deadly. Did you know that Florida has the highest rate of children under five drowning out of any other state in the U.S.? According to the CDC, even if a drowning victim is rescued and resuscitated before it’s too late, more than 50% of drowning victims require hospitalization and often suffer from brain damage due to lack of oxygen. This can lead to life-long disabilities or leave the victim in a vegetative state.

These statistics are shocking, and it truly is a tragedy that accidental drowning is so common especially in our home state of Florida. That being said, there are simple ways to prevent your little ones from potentially being in a situation where they can drown. One way to prevent this is by teaching your kids to swim at a young age. If you have an infant or toddler that is too young to swim, teach them the “flip and float” method, where they turn themselves over onto their backs and float in water. This can save their lives should they fall into a pool or another body of water. If your child is a little older, say two or three years old, they may be ready to learn how to swim. There is a variety of tips and tricks to teach your children to swim, and the main reason to teach them at a young age is to keep them safe in and around the pool.

While teaching your kids to swim is important, an easy and effective way to keep your child safe around your pool is by adding a baby guard, and we urge you to do so. At Tripod Aluminum we specialize in constructing durable, safe baby guards around your pool so your little ones can’t get to it without adult supervision. Our skilled craftsmen use high quality materials and build baby guards with extreme care, with your child’s safety as our top priority. If you live in Brevard County or St. Lucie County and are looking for a reputable company to construct your pool barrier, contact us today.

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