Spring Cleaning: How to Spruce Up Your Patio

With spring right around the corner the warmer temperatures will be coming along with more sunshine. Cleaning out your home can bring a sense of comfort and ease, and don’t forget about your outdoor areas! Our outdoor spaces tend to accumulate clutter since these are the best places to enjoy the weather and relax. Here are some simple cleaning tips for your porch or patio keep things clean and colorful:

Sweep up leaves

Use a leaf blower or a broom and sweep off any debris or leaves that have accumulated over the winter season on your porch and back patio. This is a simple and easy task and can be delegated to others in the household. You can sweep the debris right into the yard to make it easier on yourself.

Wipe down furniture

Living in Florida, there is bound to be residue on the patio furniture especially if you live close to the beach. The salt gets on everything that is left outside. Using vinegar and water with a reusable cloth or paper towels work well. This will immediately add some cleanliness to your outdoor space.

Clean glass doors

A sliding glass door adds natural lighting and provides an inviting view of the outside into your home. You can use the same solution of vinegar on the glass doors and windows to remove dirt and dust that has built up on the glass.

Clean light fixtures and fans

Ask someone in the family that is tall to lend a helping hand when cleaning the hard-to-reach light fixtures, or grab a stepladder. Keeping the stepladder out all day while you’re cleaning will come in handy for other spring cleaning projects. These small little tasks may not seem like much, but by the time you’re finished cleaning everything you will see how much better everything looks!

Plant new flowers

Planting fresh new flowers around your outdoor patio brings new life into your space. It will attract bees, butterflies and birds along with providing a natural luxurious scent. You can even plant citronella and lavender to repel the mosquitos.

At Tripod Aluminum we offer patio, porch and pool enclosures in Melbourne and Port St. Lucie, Florida to help spruce up your outdoor space. Let us help with your spring cleaning by installing an enclosure to keep out unwanted pests and debris.