Can I Have a Screen/Patio Enclosures and Pets?

Perhaps you have been considering having a screen room, pool, or patio enclosures installed, but you have been hesitant because of pets that like to go out into the backyard. At Tripod Aluminum, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the benefits of the added outdoor living space that comes with our screen rooms, pool, or patio enclosures, so we wanted to share with you how you can have both a screened area and a happy pooch!

I Don’t Want to Open Two Doors Every Time My Dog Wants Out

We know how it goes. You just sat down to eat dinner or have a cup of tea and watch your favorite show and Princess and Spike decide it’s time to go out even though they have been contentedly sleeping for the last seven hours! They do have impeccable timing, don’t they?

You drag yourself off the couch and open the sliding door. Just when you get settled back down with hot tea in hand and a blanket on your lap, they decide it’s time to come back inside with their humans. It makes you wish you had a revolving door like a department store!

You may love the idea of a screened porch, pool, or patio enclosures, but you don’t like the idea of now having to not only open the sliding door but also having to walk out to open the door from the screened area to the backyard where Princess and Spike can do all their doggie business.

Is There a Solution?

Indeed, there is a solution. You can have your amazing screened outdoor space, two (or more!) happy pups, and not feel like you are a doggie hotel doorman! Many people are unaware that you can have a doggie door installed in your screen room, pool, or patio enclosure! What? Yes, it’s true! No longer are you at their beck and call. You can open the sliding door and sit back down as they go back and forth from the screened area to the backyard. Oh, happy day!

If you REALLY want to stop the up and down from the couch, then you may wish to have a doggie door installed in your house too, so they can get from the house to the screened area to the backyard all by themselves. Imagine the freedom all of you will feel!

Screen and Patio Enclosures Time

Now that you know you and your fluffy friends can all enjoy the outdoor space of a screen room, pool, or patio enclosure, it is time to contact us or give us a call at Tripod Aluminum, 321-729-9695! We have a showroom located in Melbourne and proudly serve Brevard, Indian River, and St. Lucie counties. So whether you live in Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Vero Beach, or Port St. Lucie, we are ready and excited to work with you, expanding your outdoor living space into all it was meant to be for both the humans and pups in your life!

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