Wildlife and Yard Fencing

There has been much talk lately regarding our local wildlife.  We are not going to come down on either side of the issue but rather discuss the benefits of our beautiful aluminum fencing in regards to domestic pets and wildlife.  At Tripod Aluminum we offer beautiful, high-quality aluminum fencing for your yard.  If you have never seen what we have to offer, then we encourage you to take a peek at our website and then follow that up with a visit to our Melbourne showroom.


Living in Florida, you know that wildlife is pretty much a part of our everyday existence.  Apart from birds and fish, we have our beloved turtles, raccoons, possums, coyotes, snakes, and more!  If you live inland, then you may also have alligators in your area.  While our fencing can’t keep EVERYTHING out, it can keep a lot of unwelcome wildlife guests from coming onto your property.


We often think we don’t want snakes around, but if you have a rat snake or black racer hanging out in your yard, consider it a blessing.  One local resident was having a tremendous problem with the invasive Cuban frogs laying eggs in her pool!  It was a tedious, time-consuming task to clean the eggs out.  It had to be done almost immediately or they would hatch into tadpoles.  She owned a pool, not a pond, and she wanted to keep it that way.  Then one day, a black racer decided to take up residence in her backyard.  She has not had a single frog since, and her pool has been sparkling and beautiful this year, much to her delight.  So, not all wildlife should be unwelcome!


However, we know that alligators, coyotes, and the like are not something you want to find hanging out in your yard when you walk out the front or back door!  Additionally, you may not want the neighbor’s cat or escape-artist dog “doing their business” in your yard.  We understand that.  While we appreciate all forms of domestic and wild animals, we understand that they may not be welcome guests in your yard!


Our aluminum fencing is the perfect solution.  We are not limited to even ground like with wooden fencing.  Even if you live on a property that has varying levels of ground, we are able to install our aluminum fences securely.  They not only keep unwelcome animals out, but they also help keep your beloved pets safely in the yard right where you want them.  Our fences add beauty to your yard or property, as well as meeting your needs for keeping the right animals in and the wrong animals out.


If you live in the Melbourne or Palm Bay areas and have been considering fencing in your yard or property, then call us today at Tripod Aluminum.  If you stop by our showroom, you can see what we have to offer, and we can answer all your questions.  Additionally, we offer free estimates.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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