Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis with a Stock Tank Pool

Transform your backyard into a sacred oasis with a stock tank pool for complete relaxation. A stock tank pool is an above-ground pool, usually made of a tank like the kind used to feed and water livestock on a farm. These innovative pools are becoming all the rage. A stock tank pool could be a great addition to your backyard and is the perfect way to relax after a long day at work. Imagine soaking in your pool as the sun is setting and all of the stars come out with a nice glass of wine.

Here are some tips and benefits to owning a stock tank pool.

A solid foundation

A stock tank pool requires a filter, a small pump, and some tubing. This is fairly simple to set up and easy to maintain. Decide where you wish to place the stock tank pool in your yard and make sure it has a smooth foundation in order for the pool to be sealed correctly. You can use an above ground pool pump to filter your water to transform it into a spa. If you don’t have a smooth and even surface in your yard consider building a small deck for your stock tank before the installation.


Choose a private area in your backyard that will give you enough shelter away from snoopy neighbors. Place potted plants and colorful flowers around the perimeter of your pool for some added privacy. You can even install an aluminum fence in Port Saint Lucie, Florida for more privacy in your backyard.


Once you find the perfect spot in your yard for your new pool you can decorate the ground around your stock tank pool with some rock tiles to keep your feet clean while entering and exiting your pool. This will help keep the water clean in your pool and at the same time add some beauty to your backyard. You can also place stones or pebbles all around the foundation as another option for decoration. Design the area around your oasis by stringing some lights above your pool. Consider placing your stock tank pool near your firepit to keep you warm on those chilly nights. You can transform your stock tank pool into the pool or your dreams. Add a waterfall or fountain for some added creativity.

Cover it up

Designing a cover for your stock tank pool will help keep the temperature of the water down. Florida is known to have some hot days in the summertime and the galvanized metal of the stock tank will reach extreme temperatures around the edges. Please be careful touching the metal on hot days. The cover will help resolve the problem.

Stay cool

If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard with a swimming pool and want to avoid all of the hassles of a large pool then look into a stock tank pool. This is the perfect way to stay cool during those hot, intense summer days. Create your own paradise where you can be completely comfortable in the safety of your own yard.

At Tripod Aluminum we have exceptionally high-quality fences to help keep your Melbourne, FL yard private during those days you want to relax in your new stock tank pool. Enjoy your new oasis!

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