Poolside Relaxation

During the wintertime, the weather isn’t always perfect for enjoying the temperature of your pool, but you don’t have to swim in your pool to enjoy it. Relaxing by the poolside with a good book will help you escape your stress from everyday life.

Stress is created from a busy life and trying to meet continuous deadlines at work. Stress can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. When you experience stress on a daily basis you are likely to experience headaches, chest pain, an upset stomach, and sleep problems. It can affect your mood and cause anxiety, restlessness, feeling overwhelmed, irritability, sadness, and depression. When you start feeling these ranges of emotions from stress your behaviors can change when you try to cope with the stress and you may have outbursts, you may overeat or under eat, and withdraw. Learning how to recognize the symptoms of stress will help you manage the symptoms.

Here are some ways to reduce the stress in your life:

Immune System

Relaxing is the best way to boost your immune system and fight against illness. Sometimes all you need is a relaxing day reading by the pool to strengthen your heart. Stress lowers your immune system and you are more susceptible to getting a cold or a sore throat when you are extremely stressed out by something in your life.


When you take time out of your day to relax your memory is improved. After work, curl up by the pool with a good book or some relaxing music and close your eyes. Lay down and let your brain relax from the chaos you experienced during the day.


If you are constantly stressed out from your job this impacts the quality of your relationships with your spouse, family, friends, and co-workers. You can become tired and short-tempered when stress is present. If you take some time to relax or take a break by yourself by the pool you can ease the tension in your muscles. Ask a loved one to join you and spend some quality time together just enjoying each other’s presence.


When you are stressed it’s difficult to relax the mind and get a good night’s rest. Focusing on your breath as you fall asleep can help improve the quality of sleep you are receiving and thereby reduce the amount of stress in your life. When you get a good night of sleep your mood is greatly improved.

Pools greatly reduce the amount of stress in a person’s life by introducing more time for relaxation. Pool enclosures in Viera, Florida will help keep out mosquitos when you find the time to relax by the poolside after a stressful day at work. For help with installing pool screens or enclosures, call Tripod Aumnimum today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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