Pool Time for the Ducks!

Cute little rubber duckies float in many pools as kids still find these classic toys fun to play within the water. They make them in different colors now with cute expressions, some even wearing sunglasses! They come in different sizes, as well. They can happily bob in the pool just as well as they do in the bathtub.

Some Melbourne, FL area residents and those living beachside in towns like Indialantic, Melbourne Beach, and Satellite Beach have noticed a different kind of duck bobbing in their pools. Real ducks have been dropping by for a swim! We often assume that all ducks are migratory and are headed up north for the summer before the real heat and humidity of our area kick in, but that isn’t always the case.

Mottled ducks are native to Florida. They are non-migratory and tend to have a region of about 45 square miles within which they choose to live. They do not travel in flocks like migratory ducks but in pairs or small groups. The males and females look very similar as they do not have different colored feathers like other duck species. For instance, mallard duck males are known for their beautiful green feathered heads while the females have dull-colored feathers, in comparison. Mottled duck males and females have a slightly different beak color and the males are slightly larger, but these differences are fairly subtle.

A couple families have recently reported a pair of ducks swimming in their backyard pools! It is not known if it is the same pair of ducks or if there are multiple pairs making these little backyard excursions. At one point, the pair chose to stay for the duration of the day from approximately 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. Other times, they have come for a quick swim, only to leave about fifteen minutes later, presumably back to their nesting place. They were not timid nor were they aggressive. They ate bread thrown to them and casually swam to the other side of the pool when the family’s dog was let into the backyard.

Right about now you might be peeking out your window to see if you have any ducks in YOUR pool! It sounds fun, but unfortunately, ducks do poop. Yes, they have left some poopy presents for the homeowners to clean up upon their departure. This is where we would like to step in and offer an alternative to starting your own duck poop clean-up company.

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