Old-Fashioned Can be Just Right

So often the shiny and new can catch our attention and take the spotlight off things that are tried and true.  That’s especially true during the holiday season.  We are bombarded with commercials advertising all the brightest and newest in technology and toys.  But, new doesn’t actually always mean better.  How many times has that brand new toy broken by the end of Christmas Day?  Or, how many of the newest, must-have tablets and phones have frozen or had the screen crack with the slightest pressure?  Sometimes it’s good to stick to what has proven to be reliable.

Whether for stocking stuffers or gifts, we challenge you to take a look back over the years and bring back some of those tried and true toys and gifts that someone in your family would enjoy.

For example, why not put a yo-yo in one of the kid’s stockings?  The concept seems so simple, but it really does entertain kids.  Additionally, they can mix it up with a little twenty-first-century technology by looking up yo-yo tricks on youtube and giving them a try!

Jump ropes and “Chinese jump ropes” are still fun for kids.  You can teach them the jump rope songs you sang growing up or even help them compose new ones!  Throw in two jump ropes and you can jump “double dutch” style.  You will need 4 rope turners and a jumper.  This is a great way to include sibling and cousins in the holiday fun.

The 1980s brought about the Rubik’s cube!  These are still readily available in stores.  You can also find a more simple 2×2 version as opposed to the traditional 3×3 cube.  It is a great starter for the younger kids.  For those who are advanced at their puzzle solving skills, go online and order a really challenging one, like the 10×10!  These are fun and great for your brain.

You also can’t go wrong with cars when it comes to little boys, especially; although, plenty of girls enjoy them too.  Something about zooming your Matchbox car across the tile floor in a race against your sibling’s car is still just as gratifying now as it was fifty years ago.  They have lots of really cool tracks now which make the races even more fun.

These are just a few ideas.  Think back to your childhood and choose something to introduce to the younger generation in your family this holiday season!  You may be surprised how much they enjoy it.  And, as you prepare to enjoy this time with family and friends, don’t forget to give us a call at Tripod Aluminum to build your enclosed screened room to expand your indoor seating area to include your patio!  Family gatherings will only be enriched by the additional space this creates, and with the great weather here in the Melbourne and Merritt Island areas, there is even more reason to have a screened room.  So, give us a call today!

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