Leaves are Falling…Right into My Pool!

With fall here, many of us are rejoicing knowing that cooler weather is inevitably on its way.  For kids, that means that the days of splashing in the pool will soon come to a close for a few months.  In Florida, we probably get to use our pools for more months out of the year than most folks, and we are thankful!  But, all good things must come to an end, or so they say.  Well, let’s not say “an end.”  Let’s just say a temporary pause until the warm weather returns.


This time of year brings with it the inevitable falling of leaves.  We don’t have as many trees that lose their leaves as states with colder weather where all the trees seem to be bare in the cooler months.  Nevertheless, we do have trees that happily shed their leaves.  But, what if they are happily shedding them right into your pool?  That’s not so enjoyable for you, the pool owner.


We’d like to offer a solution that you may or may not have considered.  A beautiful pool enclosure, also referred to as a screened room, may be the perfect solution for you.  You may already have a pool enclosure, but perhaps it has fallen into disrepair with holes or tears.  We can do the necessary repairs to get your pool enclosure looking beautiful again and doing its job properly.  If you don’t yet have a pool enclosure, then we can build it!  Our pool enclosures are made from high-quality aluminum, so they don’t rust.  This is especially important here in Florida where just about everything rusts!


Some leaves are large and pretty easy to get out with your pool net.  However, if you or a neighbor has an oak tree, watch out because you are in for a pool full of little leaves that like to lay on the bottom of the pool and taunt your pool net as they simply do little swirls when prodded with the net, never surfacing to be scooped out and disposed of somewhere other than your pool!  They are truly a pool net’s archnemesis!


Most people tend to think of pool enclosures during summer, but now is a perfect time to have one built or repaired before all the leaves have fallen.  It’s not too late to make your pool cleaning endeavors a whole lot easier!


At Tripod Aluminum we offer free estimates.  We have an on-site showroom in Melbourne, FL so that you can see just what it is we have to offer.  We are locally owned and operated and serve the Melbourne, Palm Bay, and beachside areas helping beautify your backyard while keeping your pool clean, one pool enclosure at a time.

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