Keeping Out the Debris

At Tripod Aluminum we specialize in beautiful aluminum fencing, as well as pool safety gates.  During this time of year, namely hurricane season, we thought it would be a good time to let you know about another use for our beautiful fencing and safety gates that you may not have thought of on your own.

Even when a hurricane is not imminent in our area, we still experience weather changes from storms out in the Atlantic that are headed to other areas.  With these storms, we often experience high winds.  Wind loves to stir things up, from trash to leaves to other yard debris.  It is no fun walking into your front yard to find newspapers, a cigarette carton, and a mound of leaves that had formerly been in the street.

Of course, our fences only go so high.  They can’t stop everything, but they really can make a difference.  You will notice less debris in your yard due to our attractive, durable fencing.  Additionally, having a safety gate around your pool will help stop items from easily blowing into it.  You may find newspaper or palm fronds plastered up against your fence or safety gate with the wind holding it there, but it is better than fishing it out of your pool!  To even better safeguard your pool, you can have us build you a beautiful screened pool enclosure!

Our fences serve multiple purposes.  They add a classy touch to any yard.  They help keep your beloved pets in and unwanted critters out of your yard!  They add a safety feature, as a house with a fence around it is less appealing to a burglar than one that has easy access.  They also help keep young children safe, so that they do not run into the street.  They help keep toys and balls in the yard too so that they aren’t lost or run over by a passing car which would likely result in tears from your little ones!

Our safety gates are excellent for keeping little ones or those unsteady on their feet from accidentally falling into the pool.  They also keep pets out of the pool.  While most dogs can swim fine, you may not want all that unwanted dog fur in the pool filter.  Any type of water dog, such as Labradors, are going to think an unfenced pool is an open invitation!  Our safety gates and pool enclosures also keep out wild animals like snakes and frogs that you don’t want in your clean pool!

So, this hurricane season if you have noticed an increase of trash or yard debris in your pool or yard, then it might just be time for you to give us a call here at Tripod Aluminum.  We offer free estimates.  We have an on-site showroom here in Melbourne, FL where you can look at our products and decide what will work best for you.  You can also ask as many questions as you want!

If you live in any of the surrounding areas such as Melbourne, Viera, Palm Bay down to Port St. Lucie, we are here to meet your aluminum fence and pool enclosure needs, so please give us a call today.  We look forward to doing business with you!

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