Early Spring According to Punxsutawney Phil

In case you don’t know who Punxsutawney Phil is, let us tell you!  He’s the little groundhog that lives in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania that people look to each year to predict if there will be six more weeks of winter or early spring.  On February 2 of each year (also known as Groundhog Day), legend has it that Phil pops out of his hole.  If he sees his shadow, it is said we are in for six more weeks of winter, but no shadow means an early spring.  This year he has predicted an early spring which probably makes most people happy.  The only issue is that Phil only has about a 39% accuracy rate according to Fox News. Let’s hope he’s right this year!


As spring approaches, early or not, most of us will be spending more time outside.  This means more time in the yard.  As you spend more time in the yard, you may realize that you are wishing you had a fenced yard or even a screened room.  While the idea of this project may seem a bit overwhelming to you, you don’t need to worry.  We specialize in screened rooms, pool enclosures, and aluminum fencing.  At Tripod Aluminum we are literally your one-stop-shop for a beautiful backyard with great usable space!


Without a screened room or fencing, many people feel like they don’t actually have good usable space in their yards.  Perhaps you have small children or pets and don’t feel safe hanging out in your yard due to a lack of fencing.  Maybe you like being in your backyard, but you don’t like being a buffet for every mosquito on the Florida coast!


We can screen areas of any size.  If you live in a condo, we can screen your patio or balcony to give you a great outdoor, bug-free space.  If you have a pool area, we can screen just your patio area or your whole pool area giving you a beautiful pool enclosure (also known as a Florida room).  These have great benefits as they keep out bugs and small critters. They also keep your pool free from yard debris like leaves and palm fronds which tend to blow around on windy days.


Our aluminum fences in Melbourne, FL are beautiful.  They resemble wrought-iron fencing, but does not rust like wrought-iron!  That is especially important in Florida due to our high and frequent humidity.  Our fencing can beautify your yard while serving the purpose of keeping children and pets within the safe confines of your yard.  It also serves the purpose of keeping other people’s pets (and children!) out of your yard.


If you would like to spend more time in your yard this spring and feel a fence company in Cocoa, FL or screened room would make it more enjoyable and usable, then please call us today at Tripod Aluminum.  We are located in Melbourne where we have an on-site showroom.  We serve all surrounding areas such as Palm Bay, Viera, and Merritt Island.  Let us come out and give you an estimate.  We are sure you will love what we do for you and your yard!

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