Don’t Fence Me In

There’s an old song from the 1930’s called “Don’t Fence Me In.” This may seem like the battle cry of your children or pets, but sometimes we do need fences! There is plenty of open space here in Florida where we can run full speed ahead, where dogs can chase butterflies without running into a barrier, and where cattle roam slowly and peacefully. There are also places where a fence is, quite simply, necessary.

First and foremost, it is required by Florida law that you have a fenced barrier around a backyard pool. This is a safety matter for all involved – your pets and young children, the neighborhood kids, and the elderly or feeble. Nobody wants someone to accidentally fall into their pool. This law is meant for our safety and the safety of those around us.

Many of us prefer to have our backyards fenced even if we don’t have a pool. It is not a requirement and there are many unfenced backyards in Florida. If you live on the mainland of Florida or on a barrier island, you may have an unwanted alligator wander through your backyard on his way to a nearby body of water. This is a great reason to fence your backyard. If you want your children or pets to play safely back there, a fence is really the only way to ensure that their playtime will be safe and uninterrupted by an unwelcome gator! Additionally, if you have a dog, being able to let your pup out to potty without having to put them on a leash every time is great. They can romp around until they are tired, and you don’t have to worry about them wandering into the neighbor’s yard or taking off to parts unknown!

A fence many of you may not have considered is for the front yard. Oh, lots of people picture a house with a white picket fence. Those are cute, but they are not very sensible here in Florida. Our weather here is not gentle on small fences like those. They aren’t meant to withstand hurricane-force winds. A great way to add safety to your front yard is by enclosing it with an aluminum fence. They look just as stylish as wrought iron fences but are much better suited for Florida weather. They don’t rust! Not everyone has a large backyard. Sometimes the front yard offers more space for your kids, pets, yourselves, and your friends. With a beautiful aluminum fence, you don’t have to worry about anyone’s ball rolling into the street or anyone’s pet running in front of a car! What a relief!

The last place that aluminum fencing can really add a great look and additional safety is around a balcony. Many two-story homes feature balconies. They usually come with wooden balcony railings that get mildewed and sun-rotted or broken during a storm. An aluminum balcony railing will increase the beauty of the outside of your home while being long-lasting and durable.

Where can you go to find this great fencing? Look no further than Tripod Aluminum! We are located in Melbourne, FL and serve the surrounding areas down to Port St. Lucie. If you are in the market for fencing for your yard, pool, or balcony, we have what you need. We have an on-site showroom in Melbourne that we invite you to visit. We look forward to meeting all your fencing needs!

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