Don’t Wait Until Hurricane Season to Act

None of us like waiting.  After all, we live in an instant gratification society, don’t we?  We have K-cup coffee machines that give us a cup of coffee in less than a minute.  We have wireless networks for our computers and smartphones.  If we have to wait more than ten seconds for a website to load, we get frustrated!  And, waiting in lines at the store…well, that is enough to send us over the edge.  In general, we are not a society of patient people who don’t mind waiting.


When you call Tripod Aluminum of Melbourne, FL to come out and build a screened room, pool enclosure, do screen repairs, install an aluminum fence or a Baby Guard gate, you want us there tomorrow.  You would probably like us there yesterday if that were somehow possible.  Please believe us when we say that we would love to be able to come out the next day to do whatever job you have hired us to do.  It just isn’t always physically possible for us to do it that quickly.


When severe weather strikes, people call needing repairs and they want them done immediately.  We completely understand that.  However, we can only be in a certain number of places at once based on how many employees we have and how many employees each job requires.  So, while we would love to start your job the next day, we often have other jobs that we are in the process of working on or other customers who have scheduled us ahead of you.


We cannot emphasize to you enough the benefit of scheduling a job with us PRIOR to hurricane season.  Once it starts, we are often swamped with work.  This means that a waiting list forms.  There’s that dreaded word…waiting.  We don’t like keeping our customers waiting, and if you are being honest, you don’t like being the customer that’s waiting.  So, we urge you to call and schedule any repairs or new jobs prior to hurricane season.


If you sustain damage to your screened room or pool enclosure, please call us as promptly as possible, so that we can get you scheduled.  The longer you wait to call, the longer your wait will be.  We are already getting a ton of calls due to the recent freak hailstorm that occurred on March 27.  Please be patient with us as we attend to these customers.  If you have not sustained damage and are awaiting construction on a new pool enclosure, aluminum fence, etc., then please be understanding as we help our customers who are recovering from this severe weather event.


We value each and every one of you.  We want to keep you all happy.  We will do our very best to stay on time with our schedule, but if adjustments must be made, please know that it is not a lack of effort or care on our part.  It is simply the time of year when we get a lot of calls.  So, don’t wait until the middle of the hurricane season to give us a call for a new project.  Call today so we can get you scheduled before we get all the hurricane repair calls.


Tripod Aluminum values our customers.  We have been serving the Palm Bay, Merritt Island, and Cocoa areas for over twenty years.  We have been able to stay in business this long because of our wonderful customers! You are the last people that we want to disappoint.  So, if you are a little patient with us, we promise to continue to give you the high quality work with top quality materials that you have come to expect from us.  Don’t wait! Call us today!

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