Fencing for Easter? You Bet!

You might be perplexed as to how fencing and Easter could go hand in hand. Perhaps you have visions of bunnies and chicks running around in an enclosed pen.  Well, that is definitely one purpose, but we think that it is probably a little more appropriate to think of fencing in terms of dogs.


Our beautiful aluminum fencing makes any yard look classy, whether it is the front or the back.  If you have dogs or young children, fencing is an especially good idea to help keep them in the yard, safe from passing cars.  But, what does Easter have to do with this?


Fencing is for any day throughout the year, obviously.  You don’t take your fence down and put it back up like an artificial Christmas tree!  What brought fencing and Easter together is the correlation between dogs and chocolate.  Keep reading and this will make even more sense!


In general, if you have children, then you are probably going to fill Easter baskets for them.  Traditionally, Easter baskets contain at least some candy, usually with a chocolate bunny as the centerpiece although this may vary.  The following story will give you a good idea as to why we think fencing, dogs, and Easter have a small connection.


Easter Bunny Mishap

We would like to share this story with you from a local resident, “One year when our children were young, we let them go out on the porch and get their Easter baskets prior to leaving for church.  Upon our return home, we were mortified to find that our Labrador had eaten our daughter’s chocolate bunny!  How do you explain that to a four-year-old?  So, as any good daddy would do for his little girl, my husband ran to the local drug store.  As it was Easter morning, the pickings were slim meaning there was only one type of chocolate bunny left on the store shelf.  So, in walked my husband with the biggest chocolate bunny I had ever seen; it must have been at least eighteen inches tall!  Of course, our daughter, who has a sweet tooth, was delighted!”  And, for those who are dog lovers and wondering about the outcome of the Lab, he was fine.


While the toxicity of chocolate to dogs is often over-exaggerated, it is true that it is not good for them and can cause serious tummy upset, diarrhea, and vomiting.  Nobody wants to basically take care of a dog with tummy flu!  They can’t tell you when it’s going to happen, so it usually happens on your favorite area rug!


We think you can agree that leaving your beloved pup in a yard that is surrounded by beautiful fencing is a better alternative than running to the store on Easter morning to buy an expensive, giant, replacement chocolate bunny!  At Tripod Aluminum we use high-quality aluminum materials to provide you with a beautiful fenced yard.  We are located in Melbourne and serve the surrounding areas such as Palm Bay, Viera, and Merritt Island. We offer a variety of services including beautiful screen enclosures and pool screen repair.  We look forward to saving you from an early morning Easter bunny hunt, so call us today!

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