Why Do People in Florida Have Pool Enclosures?

According to Royal Shell Real Estate, 15% of homes in Florida have inground pools!  That is over 1 million homes!  When people envision homes in Florida, they often picture backyards with palm trees, a pool, and a pool enclosure.  They aren’t entirely wrong!  In this article, we will discuss WHY Floridians have pool enclosures.  If you have ever wondered if a pool enclosure would be a good investment for you, then please read this article to find out why you should have one!

People in Florida have pool enclosures for a multitude of reasons.  In this article, we will explore the 3 main reasons Floridians have pool enclosures.  These reasons are: 1)  they keep your pool clean, 2) they keep out pests,  3) they protect you and your pool from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and 4) they give added security to your pool.  Continue reading for a deeper look at these reasons and what a pool enclosure can do for you and your family.

Floridians enjoy year-round beautiful weather.  It may not be hot enough to swim every month of the year, but it is definitely hot enough to swim a majority of the months!  Because of this, many Floridians opt for an in-ground pool.  Pool enclosures are popular in Florida for good reason.


If you already own a pool but do not have a pool enclosure, then you know that keeping your pool clean is a big chore.  You may have a pool service that comes out weekly to clean your pool, add chemicals, etc.  However, it is likely that even with a pool service, you often find yourself with a pool net in hand, scooping out leaves, debris, or even (unfortunately) little critters that have fallen in the pool.  A pool enclosure can prevent the need to pick up your pool net, except on a rare occasion!  No more leaves in the pool and no more fishing out fallen baby birds (Sadly, many Florida pool owners have to do this.)  And, for those of you who have had ducks come for a weeklong vacay (yes, that happens too!), no more duck poop on your pool deck!

A pool enclosure is particularly helpful during tropical storms and hurricanes as you won’t end up with large amounts of debris in your pool and large amounts of LARGE debris, at that!  If you have a pool without an enclosure and have visited someone WITH an enclosure after a big storm, then you have seen the difference for yourself!  That alone may have been enough to convince you!  


As mentioned in the above paragraph, pests have a way of getting into pools here in Florida.  The biggest pests to enter pools here are gators.  You can’t scoop them out with your pool net!  You can call Fish & Wildlife.  They can either help you remove the unwelcome visitor or connect you with someone who can.  Aside from gators you may have raccoons and possums that like to visit.  And, for those of you with neighborhood dogs and cats that roam at will, you can say goodbye to their poop in your yard!  Did you just start singing the Hallelujah chorus?  Don’t forget about little pests too!

You will expand your living space when you add a pool enclosure as you will be able to spend comfortable evenings outdoors without mosquitoes!  Yes, they may occasionally sneak in when you go in/out the pool enclosure door to other parts of your yard, but by and large, you will enjoy a mostly pest-free pool area!  You can also enjoy your outdoor time knowing you won’t be dive-bombed by a kamikaze wasp or a bee with an attitude!


You should always wear sunscreen when outside in Florida.  The UV Index here is very high and can cause skin damage much faster than you think.  While a pool enclosure will provide some added protection, please don’t forego applying sunscreen simply because you have a pool enclosure.

Pool enclosures protect your pool from the sun’s harmful UV rays too.  This is a benefit because your pool will not go through chemicals as quickly as a pool without a pool enclosure.  This makes maintaining your pool easier AND saves you money on pool chemicals!  You will also lose less water due to evaporation.  This also helps your pool chemicals to stay in balance and reduces your water bill as you will not have to add water to your pool as frequently as a pool owner without an enclosure.


Pool enclosures are not a replacement for safety monitors, such as Baby Guard pool gates or door alarms, but they do offer a small bit of security from anyone who may come into your backyard as they will not have immediate access to the pool and have less of a chance of falling in your pool.  The latches on the doors of your pool enclosure can also be installed high so that small children cannot get out into the backyard without your knowledge or get into your pool area from your yard.  This is just one small way to keep your pool area a little safer for everyone.


In conclusion,  there are a wide variety of benefits to having a pool enclosure!  Whether you want to make cleaning and upkeep easier or are looking forward to quiet evenings without mosquitoes, Tripod Aluminum has the right pool enclosure for you!  Located in Melbourne, FL, Tripod Aluminum has been serving the greater Brevard area for almost 30 years!  We believe in our beautiful pool enclosures, and we know once you have one that you will love it!  

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