How Can You Incorporate Your Patio Enclosures and Fences in Your Holiday Decorating?

With the arrival of November, our thoughts turn toward the holidays and decorating our homes.  While many of you already decorate the exterior of your homes with lights or your front yard with an inflatable Santa or nativity scene, have you wondered how you could incorporate your patio enclosure or fences into your decorating?  Tripod Aluminum has some great ideas that we think you’ll love!

How to Decorate Patio Enclosures

In discussing patio enclosures, we really mean any enclosed outdoor living space.  This could include pool enclosures or screened-in porches, as well.  If you enjoy decorating for the holidays and have an enclosed outdoor living space, no matter how big or small, your decorating capabilities just expanded!

Holiday Lights

These are a fun, relatively inexpensive way to add holiday sparkle to your exterior. You may already have them all over your house, but why not string them along the interior of your patio or pool enclosure to create a holiday atmosphere when sitting outside too?  Classic white adds an elegant sparkle while colorful lights lend a cheery, fun feel to the space.  These can be especially enjoyable for young children who may view white lights as “boring.”

Patio Lights Decorations

An Additional Christmas Tree

Because your outdoor space is screened, it is fairly protected from the weather. You can easily add a Christmas tree to your outdoor decor!  If your outdoor living space has a theme, sports for example, then you could decorate the tree to match that theme!

Another fun idea is to let the kids or grandkids decorate the tree.  You probably have a plethora of handmade ornaments from their grade school years.  You may be a little reluctant to hang them with your expensive ornaments on your Christmas tree.  Let your outdoor tree be a kids’ tree!  They will enjoy having free reign over what ornaments to hang and where to hang them.

If your outdoor living space is small, such as a screened-in porch, you could buy a miniature tree and set it on a small table. These range in size from about 12 inches to 3 feet in height, so you can buy the size that best fits your space.  Everyone loves a “Charlie Brown” tree!

Holiday Throw Pillows

Whether celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah, you can buy decorative outdoor pillows to enhance your outdoor living space if it includes outdoor furniture. Even if it is a screened-in porch with one chair or small bench, a cute holiday-themed throw pillow or two will help incorporate that holiday feeling!

How to Decorate Fences

Christmas/Halloween fence decorations, lights

While many homes in Florida have no fences at all, there are some with both front AND back fences.  If you have any fencing at all, then you have a holiday decorating opportunity.

Backyard Fences

Because backyard fences are primarily seen by you, you may want to keep it simple by just adding lights to the fence to add holiday cheer to your backyard.  If part of your fence can be seen from the street, you may wish to put lights on both sides so that both you and your neighbors can enjoy the holiday cheer.

Front Yard Fences

If you are fortunate to have a white picket fence or an elegant aluminum fence surrounding your front yard, then you may want to do a little more than lights.  What about a beautiful holiday garland?  Holiday wreaths are also a beautiful addition to a front yard fence. A lighted garland or lighted wreaths would really stand out.  Another cute idea is giant red and green bows or silver and gold bows on your fencing.  All of these ideas will make your yard look merry and bright and add a smile to the face of those passing!


You can take your holiday decorating up a notch this holiday season by decorating all your outdoor living spaces!  If you do not yet have an outdoor living space and are interested in having a patio enclosure, pool enclosure, or screened-in porch built, then you should give us a call.  Tripod Aluminum has been building beautiful outdoor enclosures for residents in the Melbourne, Viera, and Merritt Island areas for over twenty years.  Don’t let this decorating opportunity go to waste!

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