Screen Repairs – Should We or Shouldn’t We?

Ahhh…the sun, the soft lapping of the water against the side of the pool, you lounging on your pool float with a magazine thinking that life doesn’t get any better than this. But, wait…what’s that?  Your hand was leisurely hanging over the side of your pool float touching the cool water when “Yikes!” A frog jumps on your hand!  Not quite the ending you expected to this happy, tranquil summertime story?  There is a way to change the ending! Call Tripod Aluminum today to repair the tears in your pool enclosure screen.

Pool enclosures are wonderful, we should know since we build them!  We realize that some of you already have a pool enclosure, but did you know that Tripod Aluminum can still be of service to you?  Not only do we build Melbourne, FL pool enclosures, but we also offer screen repair for already existing enclosures.

We can’t tell you precisely how long your pool enclosure screen will last.  It will depend on the quality of the screen used as well as the type of wear and tear that your particular enclosure endures, either from the weather, critters, or your own family!  There are times when you will simply need one or two panels of your screen replaced. This is often the case when some kind of accident has occurred.  Debris from a storm may have flown into one of your screens causing a tear. Maybe one of the kids was being helpful cleaning the pool but didn’t watch the sharp metal end of the pole while sweeping and slashed one of the screens. Accidents happen. We are happy to come out to repair even one screen for you.

You might think since it’s just one screen that it will be fine to leave it and wait until all your screens need replacing.  The fact is that even one tear makes it substantially easier for dirt, debris, bugs, and larger critters to head straight into your pool.  This makes it harder to keep your pool clean and harder to keep your pool pH balanced.  It doesn’t take much to throw off the chemical balance of your pool water, especially if you throw a frog or two into the mix.  Oh, and let’s not forget that if those pesky Cuban frogs get into your pool, they will happily leave a deposit of hundreds (if not thousands) of little black eggs in there.  (We will insert here that if you have a teen that has been naughty, cleaning out all those eggs makes for an excellent punishment, but you didn’t hear that from us!).

The time will eventually come when your whole pool enclosure will need to be rescreened. This isn’t usually from accidents unless you have a REALLY accident-prone family.  If that’s the case, then not only will we see you soon, but we will see you often! The sun alone will eventually take its toll on your screens.  You may notice sagging or small holes here there.  When it starts to lose its strength and “elasticity” you may even have a dog that runs right through it.  The doggie will be fine; the screen will not. The pet will be thrilled with the new doggie door he has created; you will not. Now, it is definitely time to give us a call.

We have been in business for over twenty years.  Our employees are highly trained and professional.  They will do a quick, efficient, and excellent job either repairing or replacing your pool enclosure screens.  If you are in the Melbourne, Palm Bay, or even the Port St. Lucie area, please give us a call today.  We would love to get your pool enclosure back into tip-top shape (sorry, doggies!).

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