Repairing or Replacing Your Fence

It may seem more cost effective to put a fresh coat of paint on your fence and to repair or replace any broken areas compared to purchasing a new fence altogether. Unfortunately, this may only temporarily grant you some extra time until your fence is beyond repair. Over time fences are exposed to all sorts of weather conditions that cause wear and tear. It is ultimately up to the homeowner to determine which decision is best.

Here are some helpful tips when considering your decision.


If your wooden fence is bent, splintering, cracked or discolored, you should inspect the areas on the fence that need attention. If there is severe damage you may need to replace select pieces of wood or an area of your fence altogether. It’s better to replace the damage before it becomes a danger to you or your family. Check for rotting wood or any areas where there might be pooling water that could be causing damage to your fence.

You can use wood filler or putty for smaller repairs on your fence. If you have an aged fence from weather exposure, the color of the putty will most likely dry differently. You can always repaint your fence after the repairs have been made to bring some life back into your yard.


When it comes to making a decision of what materials will best serve you and your fencing needs, you can choose between wood, vinyl and aluminum. Nail exposure on wooden fencing is dangerous and will need to be well taken care of over time. Vinyl fences are known to crack from weather or from something heavy hitting the fence post. Vinyl fences are also not the best environmentally friendly option. Aluminum fences, on the other hand, are the most durable and long lasting option. They can withstand heavy storms and are a strong, functional option.


Once you own a fence, it is highly recommended to take care of the fence throughout the year to prolong its lifespan. Washing the fence from any mold or build-up will keep it healthy. Wooden fences can be sealed once a year if you go with this option.

At Tripod Aluminum we offer aluminum fencing options that are durable and are a wonderful addition in Florida’s fluctuating weather. With aluminum fences in Port St. Lucie, Florida you won’t have to worry about the hassles that come with wooden and vinyl fences. Aluminum fences are sturdy enough to bring you peace of mind and come in a variety of attractive styles.

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