How to Create Privacy in Your Backyard

Creating privacy in your backyard to block out your neighbor’s view of your sacred space can seem tricky. It’s nice to be able to go about your business in your yard without having to worry if your friend Sally across the street saw you lounging around by the pool when you were supposed to meet her for lunch, but then you canceled last minute because you wanted to recharge your battery. Your backyard is your space to do whatever you please with.

Here are some simple tips for creating more privacy in your sanctuary:


Using a portable partition on your back porch allows you to have a private area where no one can see you. You can move it around to different areas when you are redecorating your space. It’s great because it isn’t required to stay in one space and can be used for multiple purposes.

If your children are working on an art project and the sun is too intense one day you can simply rearrange your partition to block out the sun. Another positive thing about an portable partition is that you can easily find these used or new for an inexpensive price.

Living wall

A living wall has become more popular over the years in outdoor spaces. Talk to your local gardener to see what plants do best when you create an vertical garden. Building a wall that has a space for a custom-made wall planter adds a whole dimension of privacy in your backyard. It will help block out the noise of neighbors and will add beauty to your private space.

Additionally, you can use trellises to grow vines, flowers or even vegetables along with your fence line.


Taking the time to plant trees and shrubs along your outdoor space will easily block off your space from your neighbors. Check out your budget and take a visit to a nursery or landscaper to see what trees will fit your specific needs to create more privacy in your backyard. Trees and shrubs make a great addition to any home because you will have them for years to come and your children will be able to enjoy climbing the trees and exploring the plants when they play in the yard.


If you’re looking for a modern style to fulfill your privacy needs then planting a hedge might be your answer. A hedge is simple, offers privacy, and you won’t be troubled with picking and choosing a bunch of different plants for your yard. A hedge is easy to maintain over time and feels like a natural fence. You can choose the height of your hedge which gives you more flexibility as the year’s pass.

If you’re looking for a simple solution for more privacy in your backyard then check out your local fence company in Melbourne, Florida. With a fence, you will create privacy without entirely blocking off your backyard from everything. At Tripod Aluminum, we carry a variety of quality fences that will add style to your home.

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