Fencing to Protect Your Home and Family

During this time of heightened awareness of germs, viruses, and overall wellness and safety, we thought it might be a good time to discuss what our beautiful aluminum fencing can do to help keep your family safe.  Fencing is a great way to keep things in OR out.  We’ll explain further.


What Does Aluminum Fencing Look Like?

But, first, we want to clarify what aluminum fencing is and what it looks like.  When you think of aluminum, you may think of items like soda cans or foil used to cover food.  When you think of aluminum fencing, you may assume that it looks shiny and silver and maybe resembles chain link fencing.  That is a misconception.  Aluminum fencing is beautiful.  It resembles wrought-iron fencing with its sleek black color and varying designs from ornate to modern.


How Strong Is It?

Another misconception is that aluminum is weak, easily mold-able or breakable, again thinking of how you crush a soda can or crumple up aluminum foil.  Our aluminum is, in fact, very strong which has been proven time and time again as our fences have withstood hurricanes! Additionally, aluminum fencing is more affordable than wrought-iron fencing, and it is also resistant to rust which is very important in Florida.  This resistance to rust not only helps to maintain the strength and integrity of your fence, but it also helps it to maintain its beautiful appearance.


How Does It Promote Safety?

As mentioned at the beginning, our beautiful aluminum fencing can be used to keep things in OR out of your yard.  What might you want to keep within the confines of your yard or property?  The two main things that people are concerned with are young children and pets.  If you live in a suburban area, then you will appreciate the safety of keeping your children and pets from running out into the street. If you live in a rural area, you will like knowing that your children and pets cannot wander off to parts unknown where they could be in danger from things like local wildlife.


What would you like to keep out of your yard or off your property?  If you live in a suburban area, you may want to simply keep strangers from coming into your yard where your children are playing.  Additionally, in this time of heightened health security with the COVID-19 where we are needing to maintain distances between people, this is a great way to ensure that nobody comes near you or your family without your permission.  If you live in a rural area, you may be interested in keeping wildlife out of your yard as some are dangerous like alligators and some are bothersome like raccoons.


Regardless of the reason – keeping someone in, keeping someone out, or simply adding to the beauty of your home or property, our aluminum fencing is definitely the fencing for you.  Tripod Aluminum is located in Melbourne with an on-site showroom for you to explore everything that we have to offer, ranging from fencing to screen enclosures for your pool, porch or patio.  You will also have access to knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions that you might have.  We serve all surrounding areas such as Palm Bay, Cocoa, Merritt Island, Melbourne Beach, and Vero Beach.  If you are interested in adding fencing to your yard or property, then please give us a call today!

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