Fences Keep Out Unwanted Critters

If you watch the news, go on social media, or visit local websites or apps like “Nextdoor,” you have probably seen multiple stories or posts about the local wildlife in Florida. It doesn’t matter what part of Florida you live in, there is wildlife.

You may even live in a developed city filled with skyscrapers and houses. There aren’t many such places in Florida, but there are a few. We wouldn’t want to bore you by listing every animal found in Florida! But, you can be sure that wherever you live there are wild animals which may range from snakes to alligators to the Florida panther to coyotes to raccoons and possums.

We think you will agree with us that the varied wildlife we have here in Florida is part of what makes it so special. We also think you will agree that as beautiful as these creatures are, you probably don’t want some or any of them hanging out in your yard. You may have even wondered what you can do to keep them out of your front or back yards.

We have a great solution. You can’t go wrong with our screen enclosures and beautiful aluminum fencing. Our screen enclosures can keep out small pests like snakes (small in size, big on the pesky scale), frogs, lizards, raccoons, and possums. No job is too big or too small, so we can enclose your front porch, a balcony, a back patio, or even your entire pool area. Along with keeping out the local critters, our screen enclosures can help keep out other pests like mosquitoes and wasps. For your pool area, it will help keep debris out of your pool! Your evenings no longer have to be spent scooping leaves out of your pool. That alone makes it worthwhile!

Our aluminum fencing is beautiful. It adds a great aesthetic look to your home while serving the function of keeping out larger critters like alligators and coyotes. If you live in an area that has any of the larger Florida wildlife, our fencing is a great idea. It helps keep your family and your pets safe. It is true that alligators, panthers, and coyotes will attack (and eat) family pets and tragically, even small children. While you can’t put a price on your family’s safety, our fencing is less expensive than wrought iron fencing but looks just as beautiful. It is made with top quality aluminum that does not rust! That is another huge bonus here in Florida where we have a high volume of rain and humidity.

At Tripod Aluminum we can meet all your screen enclosure and fencing needs. Your ground does not have to be level for us to build a beautiful fence for you that will not sag. We invite you to visit our showroom to see what we have to offer. We are located in Melbourne and serve all the surrounding areas in Brevard and Indian River counties. Stop by and see us today!

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