Aluminum Fences vs Vinyl Fences

In our last blog, we discussed the benefits of aluminum fences over wood fences.  Now we will compare aluminum fences to vinyl fences.  Once again, we believe that you will find that an aluminum fence will be the right choice for your yard!

What Are Aluminum Fences?

We don’t want to be repetitive as we addressed this in the last blog, but just in case you haven’t read it, we will briefly explain aluminum fences.  Besides the obvious fact that they are constructed of aluminum, you may not be familiar with them.  The most concise explanation is that they have the beautiful look of a wrought-iron fence without the ability to rust!

What Are Vinyl Fences?

Vinyl fences are constructed from a type of plastic that utilizes PVC.  These are the white fences that you may see around a neighbor’s backyard.  You may have also seen brown vinyl fences which are used to blend with the yard, such as a low fence surrounding pool or sprinkler equipment.

Why Should You Choose Aluminum Fences Over Vinyl Fences?


Because they are impervious to rust, aluminum fences maintain their beautiful appearance.  Vinyl fences, particularly those that are white, can become discolored rather quickly.  Mildew, algae, hard water stains, sun exposure, and iron content in sprinkler water can all cause discoloration on vinyl fences.


Aluminum fences win the battle against wood and vinyl.  Vinyl fences can be damaged much easier than aluminum fences.  You may be thinking about crushing an aluminum can with your hand.  Remember, that is very thin aluminum.  Fences are made from thicker aluminum.  In fact, aluminum is used in the construction of airplanes.  It is light but durable!


Basically, all vinyl fences look the same.  This is not the case with aluminum fences.  They come in a wide variety of styles and heights.  You can choose a style that is classic and ornate.  Or, you can choose a modern style with simple lines.  Additionally, aluminum fences can be used in your front yard as they add to the curb appeal, unlike a solid vinyl fence!


Tripod Aluminum is located in Melbourne.  We proudly serve our surrounding areas, such as Cocoa, Merritt Island, Port St. Lucie, Sebastian, and Vero Beach.  We have an on-site showroom to allow you to view our many styles of aluminum fences.  Our helpful staff can assist you in choosing the style that best fits your needs and budget.  With a free estimate, how can you go wrong?  Give us a call or stop by our showroom today!

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